AuthorSamuel Greengard Freelance Writer

A Wrench and a Screwdriver: Critical Infrastructure’s Last, Best Lines of Defense?

Critical infrastructure's cybersecurity problems are complex, deep-rooted, and daunting. Addressing them won't be easy...but it isn't impossible.

Planning Our Passwordless Future

All the talk that passwords could one day go away seemed too good to be true, yet the scales are finally started to tip to a passwordless reality. (Part one of a two-part series.)

In Secure Silicon We Trust

Building upon a hardware root of trust is becoming a more achievable goal for the masses and the roots are digging deeper. Here's what you need to know.

DDoS’s Evolution Doesn’t Require a Security Evolution

They may have grown in sophistication, with more widespread consequences, yet today's distributed denial-of-service attacks can still be fought with conventional tools.

Breach Etiquette: How to Mind Your Manners When It Matters

Panic-stricken as you may be in the face of a cyberattack, keeping calm and, perhaps most importantly, responding appropriately are critical to limiting the damage.

AI and APIs: The A+ Answers to Keeping Data Secure and Private

Many security leaders view regulations and internal processes designed to manage and secure data as red tape that hampers innovation. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Understanding TCP/IP Stack Vulnerabilities in the IoT

Internet of Things devices are highly susceptible to attacks, breaches, and flaws emanating from issues within the TCP/IP network communications architecture. Here's an overview of what you need to know to mitigate risks.

Homomorphic Encryption: The ‘Golden Age’ of Cryptography

The ability to perform complex calculations on encrypted data promises a new level of privacy and data security for companies in the public and private sectors. So when can they get started?

‘Tis the Season to Confront Third-Party Risk

On any given day it's hard to ensure that outside companies and individuals adhere to an organization's security practices and policies. But when it's the holidays and, oh, a global pandemic, companies need to be extra vigilant.

The Double-Edged Sword of Cybersecurity Insurance

With ransomware on the rise, more organizations are opting to purchase cyber insurance -- tipping off criminals about how much to demand for access back to pilfered systems and data.