More Security Flaws Found in Apple’s OS Technologies

Apple's updates this week included fixes for two zero-day flaws, several code execution bugs, and vulnerabilities that allowed attackers to bypass its core security protections.

IT Pros May Use Cloud, But They Trust On-Prem More

While opinions about the trustworthiness of the cloud are split, everyone believes that's where hackers will focus their efforts.

How Does Threat Modeling Work in Software Development?

Threat modeling should be a continuous process alongside development, not a one-time project.

IT Leaders Consider Security Tech a Part of Business Transformation

Security makes the top 10 list of technologies changing how organizations operate, an indicator of how information security is increasingly viewed as a strategic business initiative.

Looking Beyond Biden’s Binding Security Directive

Implementing these and other security procedures will greatly improve the security posture of the United States and its private partners.

What Happens to My Organization If APIs Are Compromised?

Once attackers have obtained access, they can compromise other systems or pivot within your networks.

Why Classifying Ransomware as a National Security Threat Matters

Government actions help starve attack groups of the resources - money, ability to recruit, and time.

Bug-Bounty Programs Shift Focus to Most Critical Flaws

The number of bug bounty programs jumped by a third, the median payout for a critical vulnerability report rose to $3,000, but rewards for easier-to-find lower-severity flaws stagnated in 2021.

Identity Authentication Access Market Set to Hit $28.9B in 2021

With more staff working remotely, identity, authentication, and access (IAA) has never been more important. Market forecasts, drivers and trends are explored.

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