MonthNovember 2019

A Cause You Care About Needs Your Cybersecurity Help

By donating their security expertise, infosec professionals are supporting non-profits, advocacy groups, and communities in-need.

SQL Injection Errors No Longer the Top Software Security Issue

In newly updated Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE), SQL injection now ranks sixth.

Analysis of Jira Bug Stresses Impact of SSRF in Public Cloud

More than 3,100 Jira instances are still vulnerable to a server-side request forgery vulnerability patched in August.

Google Details Its Responses to Cyber Attacks, Disinformation

Government groups continue to attack user credentials and distribute disinformation according to a new blog post from Google's Threat Analysis Group.

New Free Emulator Challenges Apple’s Control of iOS

An open-source tool gives researchers and jailbreakers a free option for researching vulnerabilities in the operating system - and gives Apple a new headache.

7 mobile security threats that may catch you by surprise

Even if you're usually savvy about cybersecurity, anyone can have a vulnerable moment (in our writer's case, it was his mother's funeral).

Apple confirms HomeKit-secured CCTV and router systems

Apple has at last confirmed which routers and smart home security systems will support the HomeKit Secure Video and HomeKit-enabled routers systems it introduced in iOS 13.

Safe as houses?

HomeKit Secure Video and HomeKit-enabled routers patch two of the bigger gaps in smart home security coverage: they give users strong control over who can access video captured in your home and also provide a welcome additional barrier against hackers and others attempting to break into home networks via the router.

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Gamification is Adding a Spoonful of Sugar to Security Training

Gamification is becoming popular as companies look for new ways to keep employees from being their largest vulnerability.

The Implications of Last Week’s Exposure of 1.2B Records

Large sums of organized data, whether public or private, are worth their weight in gold to cybercriminals.

An Alarming Number of Software Teams Are Missing Cybersecurity Expertise

The overwhelming majority of developers worry about security and consider it important, yet many lack a dedicated cybersecurity leader.