MonthDecember 2020

Microsoft Reveals That Russian Attackers Accessed Some of Its Source Code

Malicious SolarWinds Orion backdoor installed in Microsoft's network led to the attackers viewing some of its source code.

The Coolest Hacks of 2020

Despite a pandemic and possibly the worst cyberattack campaign ever waged against the US, the year still had some bright spots when it came to "good" and creative hacks.

20 for 2020: The Edge’s Top Articles of the Year

Variety is the spice of life, and it's also the perfect analogy for the article topics that resonated most with Edge readers this past year.

Mobile Endpoint Security: Still the Crack in the Enterprise’s Cyber Armor

A combination of best practices and best-in-class technology will help keep your enterprise from falling victim to ever-growing threats.

DDoS Attacks Spiked, Became More Complex in 2020

Global pandemic and the easy availability of for-hire services and inexpensive tool sets gave adversaries more opportunities to attack.

Reducing the Risk of Third-Party SaaS Apps to Your Organization

Such apps may try to leak your data, or can contain malicious code. And even legitimate apps may be poorly written, creating security risks.

India: A Growing Cybersecurity Threat

Geopolitical tensions and a dramatic rise in offensive and defensive cyber capabilities lead India to join Iran, Russia, China, and North Korea as a top nation-state adversary.

Mac Attackers Remain Focused Mainly on Adware, Fooling Users

Despite reports that Macs have encountered more threats than Windows systems, the platform still sees far fewer exploits and malware - including ransomware.

Security Pros Reflect on 2020

Eight cybersecurity leaders go deep on their most valuable (and very human) takeaways from a year like no other we've known.

10 Benefits of Running Cybersecurity Exercises

There may be no better way to ascertain your organization's strengths and weaknesses than by running regular security drills.