One-Third of Black Friday Shoppers Were Bots, Fake Users

Fake traffic observed on Nov. 26 included malicious scrapers, sophisticated botnets, fake accounts, and click farms.

NSO Group Spyware Used to Breach US State Dept. Phones

At least nine US State Department employee iPhones were targeted with sophisticated spyware developed by the Israeli firm NSO Group.

IGI Cybersecurity Introduces CISO Team-as-a-Service

Service gives customers access to a CISO-led team of practitioners with a variety of skills and expertise.

How Criminals Are Using Synthetic Identities for Fraud

Organizations must improve their cybersecurity protocols to detect fraudulent identities and make sure they're safeguarding their consumers’ personal information. Tackles Observability Problem With LogFlow

LogFlow addresses data risks associated with machine data pipelines.

USB Devices the Common Denominator in All Attacks on Air-Gapped Systems

A new study of 17 malware frameworks shows threat actors always use USB drives to sneak malware into air-gapped environments and then steal data from there.

An Insider’s Account of Disclosing Vulnerabilities

Vendors drag their heels when it comes to identifying software vulnerabilities and are often loath to expedite the fixes.

Ransomware, Carding, and Initial Access Brokers: Group-IB Presents Report on Trending Crimes

Report explores cybercrime developments from the second half of 2020 through the first half of 2021.

Darktrace Reports 30% More Ransomware Attacks Targeting Organizations During the Holiday Period

Researchers also observed a 70% average increase in attempted ransomware attacks.

Remote Browser Isolation Stars in Content Protection Role

The entertainment industry has long had to deal with the challenge of protecting their high-value content and intellectual property. Enter remote browser isolation (RBI).

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